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Free Scanning App

An unlimited number of app users can help you scan!

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You don't need a network connection to scan!

Upload the laps when you get back to wifi. If you have a network connection laps are automatically uploaded.

Want to use the Motorola CS3000/CS3070 scanners? Not a problem we support them too! In fact you can use any combination of scanners and apps at the same time.



Each runner has access to their data through a secure web portal

Access to the runner data is sent by email and uses a secure key that expires after 30 days. Rather than requiring your users to setup yet another login/password we give them direct access to the report. This also saves you time from supporting login/password issues and is an easy way to communicate with parents and volunteers.

Reports and Charts

From overall program details to the best lap/split/mile time for each student on a specific day. All our reports are easy to use and allow you to set any date range.

Need to know who received the 25 mile virtual award from last week?
We have a report for that!

Want to send home a student progress report?
We have a one or two page option that shows their lap times.

The data export feature allows you to creat your own reports.

Group Start Timer
Make your own Barcode Tags
Change Lap Distance
Custom Lap Distance for Younger Runners
Make your own QR Tags
Virtual Badges
Easy Data Export
Duplicate Lap Error Detection
Unlimited Emails to Runners/Parents

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Free 30 Day Trial

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We'll even import your whole school list if you use our import template.

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