Import/Add Runners

There are two options

  1. We can import the list for you.
  2. You can add them individually on the site.

Using the import template is easy but we do require 30 or more runners per import. Anything less can be entered on the site.

Example of import template.

Creating the import list.

  1. Download the template.
  2. Add the runner username, teacher, grade, email and laps is optional.
  3. Email it back to

You can assign the barcode number or leave it blank and we'll assign them for you.

Please add one runner per row, with no spaces between the rows and keep it all on the same sheet.

If you have previous laps for these runners they can be added when the runner account is imported. All laps will be added on the date you specify.

If you would like to add laps to specific days see the Import Previous Laps support document for Multi-Day lap imports.

Add them individually

1. Login to the site

2. Click "Runners" then the "+Runner"

3. Add the username, teacher/coach from selection list, optional email, barcode number then save.

If you have enabled "Suggest Next Barcode#" in the Settings, it will automatically enter a new unique number. You can also assign it any number you like, it just has to be unique to your school/program.