Import Previous Laps

We have two options for importing previous laps

  1. Add them with the runner import template.
  2. Use the Multi-Day lap import template..

Add them with the runner import template.

Laps are added to each runner’s account on the initial import.
All laps will be added on the same date that you specify.
Please be sure to add the lap date and distance to the import template.
Download the runner import template.

Multi-Day Import

Use the multi-day import template if you want to assign laps to a specific date.
Maximum number of days per import is 80. If you have more days break them up into separate imports.
Empty lap fields are not allowed, please use 0.
Dates should be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD. For example 2021-12-09 = December 9th 2021
Please be sure to include the lap distance.
Download the multi-day lap import template