Printing DIY ID Tags

Login then click ID Cards in the side menu, that will drop down a submenu, click on Print Cards.

Click the top template selection option.

There are two Avery label options in both QR and Barcode and one generic DIY Barcode template.


Avery #15513 This is a weatherproof shipping label that prints 10 ID tags to a page.
Download QR example
Download barcode example

Avery #5390 This is the Name Badge Insert that prints 8 ID tags to a page.
This can be used by itself, laminated or inserted into a badge holder.
Download QR example
Download barcode example

DIY Barcode This prints 8 runners to tae page and is barcode only.
Download barcode example

The next option lets you select which runners to print.

Print All Runners This prints all runners to a single pdf file.

Batch This allows you to group a smaller selection of runners.
More info here: Batch Print ID Cards

New Today Any runner added today will be printed.

New Last Two Days Prints runners added in last two days.

New Last Seven Days Prints runners added in last seven days.

Mile Time Start Cards Special start timers for group start and specific teacher group start when multiple classes are running at the same time but with different start times. Not required if you use the app Group Start feature.

Class List Select the teacher to print each runner assigned to that teacher.

Click the Print button. In this case we have selected the Avery #15513 with QR codes and selected "Mr. Pierce's 5th grad class"

This outputs a pdf file to the browser window. You can save the file and print later or print them now.