Sharing Stats with Runners and Parents

You can send run club reports by email with a secure URL.
Each email is sent with a unique URL that expires after 30 days.
This report include detail breakdowns of lap, split and mile times (click the link below to see the full report).
Example report URL:


Click the above image to view the full report. This report is continuously updated as laps are imported.

Add the email address to the runner account.
The email can be included with the original import or added later.
To add one now, use the Search field in the Runners table to find and edit the runner account.

Add up to three emails per account separated by a comma, with no spaces between them.

Create the email by clicking "Email", then "New Email" from the side menu, enter a subject, message and check the "Include Runner Report URL" checkbox.

If you receive an error that says you do not have access to this feature, contact your site admin and request access.

Then click the "Teachers/Group" selection box.

Select the Teacher or Group that you want to send the message to. In this case we are only sending to our "email Test" teacher.

Click outside of the selection box to close the selection window.

Click the "Next" button.

Verify your subject and message is correct.
Uncheck any email address you do not want sent.

Clicking the "Send Now!" button sends all the emails.