Supported Scaners

Any or all of these scanners can be used individually or simultaneously.

Run Club App

The app is free, automatically uploads laps and can be installed on any number of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches or Android phones.

The app provides instant feedback on the runners lap count and prevents duplicate scans.

If your program only uses the app to scan consider using the QR tags for even faster scanning.

Motorola Scanners

The Motorola's are fast easy to use and can store days of lap scans. The downsides are there is no lap count feedback and they need to be connected to a computer to uploaded the laps.

The CS3000 and CS3070 can only scan barcodes.

The Motorola CS3070 is basically the CS3000 with Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not a requirement for this program and you can save some money by getting the CS3000.

Our recommendation if you do want a Motorola is to purchase the CS4070. This unit has the advantage of scanning barcodes and QR codes.

Other Scanners?

If you know of a low cost, scanner that captures the date, time and barcode let us know we might be able to add it to the list.