Online Registration

The above images is the form your runners/parents/guardians will fill out.
View a live example here:

Online registration is a great way to reduce data entry.

Login to

1. Then click "Online Registration."

Registration URL: This is the public url for your online registration.

Registration Expires: Your registration form is enabled or disabled by this date setting. If you no longer need the online registration form, set the date to yesterday. To have it automatically expire, set the date to the last day you will accept registrations.

Paper From Required: If your program requires that a signed paper form be returned to participate, set this to “ON.” If this is set to “OFF” the runner registration is automatically added to your runner list with a unique barcode number.

Email Required: If you require a valid email with each registration set this “ON.” Up to two email address can be submitted by using a comma to separate them. For example:,

Our Program: This in the information about your program that is shown to the left of your registration page.

Username Placeholder: An example of how you want to collect runner names. Some programs use the full runner name and some prefers a screen name.

Username Example: This is the instructions shown when you hover the curser over the "Username"

Paper Form Requirments

If your program requires a signed form, this is the additional information required and how to enable the runner once the form is returned.

Custom Form Text: Add your own form requirements here. These are added to the printed form.

Instructions: After the form is completed, this information lets them know what to do with the signed from.

Example of the form that will be returned.

Once the form is received. Search for the runner name and click Edit.

1. If “Suggest Next Barcode#” is enabled in “Settings” the system will add a new unique number, otherwise you will need to add one.

2. Click the "I have received parents written permission" check box.

3. Click the Save button.