Group Start Timer

Tracking lap times is automatically done with each scan but what if you want to start a group all at once and track their mile/km times?

There are two options
  1. Use the Run Club App
  2. Manually scan start stop time cards

Run Club App

The app is the easiest option. Line up your group, press the "Start Scanning" button, then press the "Start Group Timer," yell "GO!"

Scan each runners lap, then when you are finished with the group run, press the "Stop Group Timer" and then "Stop Scanning and Upload."


No matter how many scanners you have it's important that only one person starts or ends a group time.


Mile time reports are available in the report section under "Teacher/Time Reports" these offer the best lap, split and mile time for any date range you set.

There is also a one or two page take home report for students summarizing their progress.

You can also email the runner/parents a secure URL to view their stats in real time.
Example report:

More info on how to setup the report above is here.

Edit Manage Group Times

Group times can be added or edited on the site.

Login then click on "Laps" then "Group Start Times"

Manually scan start stop time cards

Simply scan the "Master Start/Stop Time" card at the beginning of your run and then again at the end to get both a start and stop time window.

Once you have a start time, scan each lap, when the last runner is done, scan the "Master Start/Stop Time" card one more time and then click the "Stop Scanning" button to upload the laps.

Print out the "Mile Time Start Cards" by selecting "ID Cards" from the menu then selecting "---- Mile Time Start Cards" and then "Print"

When you print these out you will notice a "Master Start/Stop" card and one for each of your teachers.

"Master Start/Stop" card sets the start time for ALL registered runners.

The teacher specific "Start/Stop" cards set a start time only for those runners registered to that teacher. This is useful if more than one class is out doing the mile, they have a stagger start and the teacher is responsible for only their class. In this case each teacher would scan their own "Start/Stop" card.

Here is the QR code if you want to use that.