Avoid These Common Errors

Scanner too close to ID tag

There is a natural instinct to move the ID tag closer to the scanner if the ID tag is not detected. However in most cases it is best to move the scanner further away. Start around 12-18 inches away and move in slowly to determine the optimum distance for that device. Each device will have its own preferred distance and you will quickly figure that out. After the runners and scanners get this down it really speeds up.

Downloading the wrong app

We have two apps in the app store, one that encourages students to use active transportation to and from school the other is the Run Club that tracks laps run on campus. Double check that your scanners have the "Run Club Active4me" app installed. If you see an error like "Account expired or invalid API key" you probably have the wrong app.

Waiting for the full student list to be imported

You do not need the full student list to be imported before you can start using the free trial. Use the test student ID cards we've already added and give it a try at home, or siting at your desk.

The point of the trial is that you can get familiar with the app and system to be sure it's a good fit for your needs.

    Here is a good way to start:
  • Print the test ID Cards we've just sent, download the app and scan a few at your desk, see how they are imported into the system and run a few reports.
  • Use the same ID cards but hand them to random students out on your field. (see the lap log as they are imported and run a few more reports)
  • Add a few other test students and print their ID Cards (this gets you familiar with the user administration and how to print new ID cards).
  • If you are happy so far, now get your full student list imported and roll out the program to other classrooms.


Starting the whole school on the same day, same lunch period.

This is not bad because the system can not handle it, the problem is your team has not figured out the logistics, where to stand, how many scanners do we need, what do we do if a student lost their card?

Imagine the BIG day and most of your scanners have the wrong app...! This has happened.

Roll the program out gradually, start with a classroom, then expand to other grade levels, develop your logistical expertise as you expand the program.

Sharing a Admin Account ID/Password

Besides being against our TOS, you could potentially be giving someone else full access to the account. Don't share accounts, each scanner needs to have their own ID/PW. New Admin accounts are really easy to add and will help with security and trouble shooting if someone did not upload their laps.

Account Renewals

We do not accept purchase orders.
If you need to renew with a check be sure it's received before the expiration date. Runner data is automatically deleted 60 days after the expiration date.