Best way to start new year?

That really depends...
First things first House Cleaning:

  1. Delete the graduating students first (unless you will be deleting them all).
  2. Retire/Delete any teacher that has moved or changed grades.
  3. Add any new teachers.
  4. Delete any unfamiliar Admins.
  5. Change the start and end date to the new year in the settings section.

Next, Did you want to keep the students miles from last year?

  • Export the current student list (download icon) next to "Runners" in the table title. This gets you the student barcode, name and old teacher to start working with.
  • Use the "update teacher only import" template for all renewing students.
  • Use the "import template" for all new students.

BTW even if you "delete" all the students you can still run reports to get totals for any past period. When a student is deleted, we don't really delete them but within 30 days of the delete date we do anonymize the student name and remove any email associated with that account.

If you have a school with one teacher per grade then you can use the "Delete/Move Tool" at the bottom of the runner table to move a group to the next Teacher.