Add App User

Every user that requires access to the site or app MUST have their own login account.

We do not allow shared accounts.

Adding a new Admin account is easy all you need is their email address and name.

We send them a welcome email with a URL so they can set their own password.

Login and click the "Admins" link in the left menu.

Now click the green "+Admin" button top right.

Add a user name, I think the full name is best.

Add email address.

Check the "Mobile-App" permission.

Click the "Send Password Setup Email" button.

The account was created and the email was sent.

You will notice, that you do have the ability to reset their password if you need to. In general you will not need to ever do this and it's a better practice to send them to the forgot password reset URL so they can reset their own password whenever they need to.

Here is where your Admins can reset their own password:

You'll also notice the dates at the bottom that show the date created and the last time this user logged in.

This is the welcome email that is sent with the URL to set their password and a link to download the app.